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Authentic flowers & creations reserves the right to amend or update this information at any time without notice.


Authentic flowers & Creations offers local delivery, if for some reason we cannot deliver your order, we will contact you via the information you have given us to rectify the situation.

We will leave flowers at the door if we feel it is safe to do so, all flowers delivered are placed in a wet sponge ( oasis ), so they have temporary water. If we need to leave the flowers by the door, we will send a text or call the recipient to let them know, if there is nowhere safe to leave them we will call the recipient to re- arrange delivery.

Should you need to re arrange delivery address, because of a situation, please let us know as early as possible, by calling 0409992379 or 0248712796.


Authentic flowers & Creations doesn’t offer refunds, if you are unsatisfied with the lifespan or quality of your flowers, please contact us via email authenticflowers@outlook.com and a photo of your flowers.

We are unable to refund for incorrect delivery information received, it is the sender’s responsibility to make sure they provide us with correct and accurate details for delivery. If the wrong delivery address was given, we can re – deliver, but this may be at an additional cost.

You can expect your flowers to last between 4 – 7 days, flowers will always last longer if they are well looked after, please refer to our flower care information, we are not responsible for lack of care once purchased or delivered.

We cannot guarantee the exact colour or variation of any flowers, plants or products used in the arrangement, but will always do our absolute best to be similar and of course beautiful. Natural products are never the same if we are using natural bases or papers etc.


Delivered flowers are always wrapped in a wet foam ( oasis ) to allow temporary water, if flowers are delivered in an boxed arrangement than we suggest the top up the water as needed by feeling the oasis if its dry add a bit of water depending on where the flowers are sitting or the temperature is how often you need to top it up.

If you received a bunch then you need to be sure they go into a clean vase of fresh cool water, first remove packaging and oasis,  you will need to trim the ends of the stems so they are freshly cut then place them into your vase, change the water regularly, every couple of days or so and repeat the above.

Please note that some flowers use more water than others so just keep an eye on them, please keep them away from sunlight and heat if possible as this will dry them out faster.